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Benefits of vinyl vehicle graphics Oklahoma City businesses should know about:




With vehicle wraps, Oklahoma businesses can transform their vehicles into mobile billboards. It increases awareness in areas previously unreached and makes every trip to work, the job site, the grocery store or even a little league game into an advertising opportunity. Reaches more customers at lower Cost Per Thousand than other outdoor media. One vehicle can generate 30,000-70,000 impressions daily in a metro area like Oklahoma City. Traffic jams become a marketing opportunity (the audience can’t change the channel) Adds professional appearance May increase the resale value of vehicle.


Mobile Advertizing


Mobile advertising is a great way to spread your marketing message all over town. Whether your company cars are parked in front of a customer’s office, in the lot in front of your business or driving around, custom vehicle wraps are a visual way to increase your local brand recognition.

Your vehicle wrap isn’t just a business write off. It is working for you all of the time – even while you’re sitting in traffic. A wrap done right the first time will get your customers to your website, on the telephone or in your office.   Take a look at some of the vehicle wraps we’ve created and give us a call so we can work with you to design your next advertising vehicle.

1. Custom fit –The design of a vehicle wrap is one of the most flexible forms of advertising. Whether your company fleet includes trucks, mopeds or Mini Coopers, we can create an eye-popping design to fit. We measure and photograph the exact vehicle in order to make sure that the art is custom fitted to each vehicle before beginning the design process, ensuring all the curves and bodylines of your car are covered.

2. Mobile advertising – If you or your employees travel to different communities on a daily or weekly basis, custom vehicle wraps should be part of your advertising strategy. Take advantage of the space of your cars to showcase your business while traveling. Any available space on the car can be covered.

3. Cost – A high-quality paint job can cost a few thousand dollars. If you want custom graphics airbrushed on, your price tag can easily climb to more than $10,000. Our car wraps generally cost around $3,000 for a wrap covering the entire vehicle—and that includes fully-custom graphics. We can work within any budget to create an eye catching design even with a partial wrap. If you keep the wrap at least five years, the cost is only a few dollars.

4. Long lasting – A custom paint job can be scarred by just one pebble kicked back from a truck. Vinyl vehicle graphics are printed with the highest resolution on durable materials that protect the paint underneath, helping to preserve the vehicle’s resale value. Plus, it resists fading and oxidation. Waxing the wrap provides a protective coating and helps it last even longer. The average lifespan of a vehicle wrap is about 5-7 years.

5. Easy Maintenance – The material we use for our car wraps is similar to the material used on billboards, with the added protection of a transparent laminate layer that protects and blocks UV rays. Unlike paint, you will never have to wax again. To restore that brand new appearance, simply wash with soap and water, or run it through a touchless carwash.

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